Pakkyone Guur
18 dezembro 2023 – 19h

pakkyōne is a puppet dressed with tattered clothing, safety pins and rags found in a small abandoned farmhouse. It is not capable of talking but speaks an odd language, made of sound graphemes and head tilts.
His vocal cords, stitched together with twine and resin-soaked mint leaves, scrape the air and often become engulfed. From a hollow tree he carved a perforated zither and assembled bizarre knick-knacks by beating stone, copper and molten lead. Built without face and eyes, it sometimes borrows masks of various shapes in order to observe the world and avoid tripping. Pakkyōne is a crooked work by Valerio Mirone, noisemaker and singer.
Valerio Mirone

Multi-instrumentalist and scholar of throat singing and overtone singing, in the past he has performed as an actor and a composer for the Teatro del Baglio di Villafrati, for which he recorded a triple album dedicated to Horcynus Orca by Stefano d’Arrigo; Japanese language teacher in high schools, member of Lelio Giannetto’s Contemporary Sounds Unity and external collaborator at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo and Curva Minore cultural association for contemporary music. Currently works as a translator, musician and performer: Utveggi (4
albums, a tour in Japan), pakkyōne (an album to be released in 2023 and an upcoming tour in Europe in November/December 2023), Monogatari and Wadi Ensemble of the Merz Foundation are some of
the projects he’s part of.

Contribuição para os músicos – 5 a 10 euros.
Para quem quiser, depois do concerto, há jantar (vegano) – 7 euros.
Lotação limitada. Reserva aconselhada.

Contribution – 5 to 10 euros.
Anyone who wants to stay for dinner (vegan) – 7 euros.
Limited seating. Reservation advised.