Pes & Francisco Pedro Oliveira
29 mar 2022 – 19h

Edições Fauve invites us to contemplate at hotelier the wonderful intersection between music and anthropology and ethnography, on a journey of more than 7000 km. Confronting the relationship between people and music; the wind and the rivers; air and water; Portugal and Colombia. What unites us and brings us together in this event is a transcendent spiritual plane, of someone who lives today, after so many that have lived: the collective.

pes~ is a collaborative multimodal research process between elizabeth gallón droste and pablo torres. Through performative and sonic sprouts, they navigate ecologies and interspecific patches, activating and attuning with frequencies, rhythms, resonances, and reverberations of vibrant entities in processes of resistance and reexistance.

In Útica: bajo el arrullo de las aguas, pes~ will present the homonymous book through a listening session to submerge in live-performed sonic ecologies composed of fragments from the uticense landscape.


About the book
Útica: bajo el arrullo de las aguas is a journey through interior landscapes that seeks an inter-genealogical dialogue between photographs and collective memories to reveal a time and a place shared by its inhabitants and its visitors watermarked by war, floods, mud avalanches, and its stories. In this book, serpentine memories follow the Río negro rhythm in Colombia while absences, dreams, and murmurs that whisper under the lullaby of the waters reflourish.

book by: elizabeth gallon droste
Design by: Ana Resende & Margarida Morais 


Francisco Pedro Oliveira
is going to present a performance reflecting on the presence of air and wind, and how we relate to it either physically or metaphysically. It is inspired by how we controlled the air flux to achieve sound and by the myths and stories from Portugal collected throughout the years.

See you there!

Contribuição – 5 a 10 euros.
Quem quiser depois do concerto, há jantar (vegano) – 5 euros.
Lotação limitada. Reserva aconselhada.

Contribution – 5 to 10 euros.
Anyone who wants to stay for dinner (vegen) – 5 euros.
Limited seating. Reservation advised.